What is this website about?

We're glad you asked! It is the premier internet resource for young filmmakers (grades 1-12) throughout the world! 


How many movie screens are on this website?  

Currently, there are 14 screens.  They are located on the About Us, Advertising, Articles, Conscious Filmmaking, EducationEmployment, Equipment, FAQFilm Camps, Film Festivals, Filmmaking FreebiesHome, Privacy Policy, and Workshops pages.   


Is there a movie directory available?

Movies are listed on our Home page, under "Now Showing".


Where can I find the KID FILMMAKERS Privacy Policy?

We never sell personal information to anyone. Read about our Private Policy here. 


Can I reserve a movie screen for my own movie?

We do not accept reservations, but we do consider recommendations.  To recommend your movie, email your YouTube movie URL to  You should hear back from us within a few days. 


My movie was selected to screen.  Do I have a choice of screen locations?

Sorry, that option is not available at this time.


What is your criteria for listing film festivals on this site?

Film festival organizations must allow film entries from children or teens.


How do I submit my article?

Your submission must be film-related and relevant to children.  500-1,000 words maximum. Email us for details.


I want my filmmaking program to stand out from the other listings on your website. 

Good idea!  See Advertising.


How do I submit my Call for Entries?

Send your press release and image to  Please note that we reserve the right to edit and to refuse graphic images that are display ads.


My company needs a cameraperson for an upcoming shoot.  Do you accept employment listings?

Yes, we do--and they're free!  See Employment.


Why doesn't KID FILMMAKERS offer summer camps anymore?

We have refocused our energies towards Conscious Filmmaking, while expanding our homeschooling and online filmmaking programs. But this doesn't mean we won't be offering summer camps again in the future--so stay tuned!


What is the KID FILMMAKERS mailing address?

KID FILMMAKERS, P.O. Box 12, Newport, RI  02840




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